“By 2050, 68% of us will live in urban areas. Today’s cities are smarter, faster and more connected than ever before. But are they built to withstand the future?”

A little about Tonomus. They are the first subsidiary of NEOM, a region in Saudi Arabia building a future fuelled by the power of cognitive technology.

A cognitive world is built on trust, using more than 90% of consented data rather than the 1% used by today’s smart cities. Hyper-connected cognitive cities will use that data to seamlessly interact with community members, interpreting and mapping future needs and adding unprecedented value to humanity.

Cognitive technology moves data and decision-making closer to the user, promoting inclusivity, and helping to close the digital divide. In partnership with global industry leaders, we are co-inventing the future of work, living, and sustainability.

The premise of a cognitive city could be quite alarming to some, so we worked with the incredible Josh Patterson to develop a style full of personality to really humanise the whole concept. A special thank you also goes out to our partners at Boyd Studio for their help with the animation.

Below, you’ll find some images showing the development of our art direction and the stylistic evolution of the project. They’re just too pretty not to share…

Just wanted to inform you that the work you have done is doing amazingly well. It’s got over 2 million hits on Youtube. Something to really cherish!



Creative Direction & Animation
Josh Patterson
Boyd Studio
Zing Audio