Éditions Amaterra


Aurélia Coulaty’s book, Fleuves, follows the story of 16 legendary rivers, travelling from source to mouth.

Drifting downstream, take a beautiful and seamless journey along The Mekong, Colorado, Ganges and Reno rivers.

Illustrated by the wonderful Matteo Berton, Mute brought several of the rivers to life to promote Aurélia’s picture book. Zing Audio created perfect soundscapes for each, and tied everything together with a beautiful musical score

Matteo’s illustrations are packed full of intricate details, however we left nothing untouched and unanimated. As the book serves as an educational piece for children, it was important to correctly represent the places and cultures depicted throughout. So we payed close attention to how the characters and landscapes should move and sound.

The project is one of our absolute favourites and we’d love to revisit it one day and add a few more rivers to our collection. Watch this space…

Fleuves was published by Éditions Amaterra in 2016.

It is pretty incredible to see images that I’ve looked at a million times suddenly move with such grace. Quite an impressive job you did here!

Romain André – Éditions Amaterra


Creative Direction & Animation
Matteo Berton
Zing Audio