About us

We believe in our work and our way of working. Everything we do is designed to make sure your project takes centre stage.

Our story

At Mute, we’re proudly creating beautifully simple and award winning animations for global clients including Bloomberg, O2, Sony, Atlassian, Qualcomm, and The Guardian.

After years of experience working in-house at other studios and agencies, we’ve taken what we learnt and honed our animation production process. We’re small enough to be super responsive to clients, but can also balloon up to handle the biggest of projects.

How we work

While we take great pleasure in creating the majority of our work in-house, we also partner with illustrators, animators and sound designers from all over the world and grow our network constantly. This allows us to have a large range of capabilities. However, we always try to remain focused on simplicity and getting to the core of what makes our clients tick and how to solve their challenges.

Our principles

Our values are a set of guiding principles that shape every aspect of our business. They sit at the very heart of our brand and convey the key qualities that sets us apart from everyone else.

  1. 01

    Clarity comes first

    We value concise communication as much as we value a transparent process. We ask the right questions, to understand what you need – making it easy for everyone.

  2. 02

    No compromise on consistency

    We’re reliable. We make things happen how and when we say we will, using a simple, consistent process that works for us all.

  3. 03

    Captivating is key

    We savour the starting point. Curious and open to ideas, our creative journey is limitless. We imagine how things move to mesmerise, charm, and get to the heart of your story.