Qualcomm & Bloomberg

The 5G Economy

Today’s AI-enhanced, 5G wireless technology can impact every industry, reshaping sectors such as manufacturing, automotive and education through the connected intelligent edge.

Working with Bloomberg, we created five lovely animations explaining why on-device AI is such a big deal, and how it’s just the beginning for the technology.

From the get-go, the client knew they wanted to work with as many photographic elements as possible. So we teamed with Thiago Biazzoto to create a beautifully textured and collaged art direction.

The style worked so well, it was used to create various campaign sites which expanded on the detail within each of the five videos.

Thank you for everything over the course of these four months. The videos have been very well received and the client is thrilled!



Direction & Animation
Thiago Biazzoto
Mute & Fernão Spadotto
Zing Audio