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Robot Songs

Feelings are feelings are feelings, Feelings are feelings are feelings, Feelings are feelings are feelings, Feelings are feelings are feelings.

With our wonderfully talented friends at Creative Listening, we produced a series of English Language Teaching music videos for the British Council centred around a robot’s (B23A) friendship with two kids – Ali and Nanu. Along with some very friendly and tuneful birds, they dream, eat and dance and, paired with bespoke lesson plans, aim to make learning English more engaging.

These catchy, melodic and sophisticated songs have amassed over 12 million views across platforms and are loved by kids, parents and teachers across the globe.

All the music videos are up on British Council’s YouTube page, so, if you want more (which we hope you do) here they all are. Be warned, they’re catchy…

Hello Hello Hello, Feelings Are Feelings, Do Your Best, In My Dreams, Let’s Go Outside, What Is A Family, Snack Time, Can I Play With You? Robot Says, The Only Way To Live, Let’s Tidy Up, and Now We’re Ready.

These songs are amazing in every way. I feel like it’s a project where we’ve given the max and thrown in a lot of love along the way too. They are such an amazing addition to our website and I know they’ll bring joy to the visitors.

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Music and Sound
Creative Listening