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Teachers In USA

‘I’ve had hungry students who couldn’t concentrate; I’ve filed tax returns for kids’ parents. You’re the only adult they trust – the only adult that talks to them like they’re a person’

For a whole month, teachers guest-edited The Guardian US to highlight underfunded schools, falling pay and a new wave of activism. As part of this, the Guardian approached us to portray the perspectives of life as a teacher in two different US states.

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The turn around time for this project was incredibly rapid, so we leaned heavily into a minimal aesthetic and abstraction – while ensuring the tone of the piece matched the moving interviews from the two real and devoted teachers.

Despite the challenge of getting this live in time for the site takeover, it remains one of our favourite projects.

You did such a great job on this! Artfully created, beautifully judged, as I always expect from you! And to turn it round so quickly…wow!

Tom Silverstone – The Guardian


Direction, Illustration & Animation
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