Home Shrine

“By creating a tangible, visible interface to AI, can we truly welcome its magic? And, by giving it a spiritual home, can we harness its true potential whilst helping us discover our own?”

Swarovski presents the next instalment of its Designers of the Future initiative, an award supporting emerging talent who exemplify innovation in design. MUTE partnered with Swarovski and winner Yosuke Ushigome (from Takram) to bring his experimental design to life.

Responding to this year’s brief of “Smart living,” Yosuke has imagined a world where crystal acts as an alternative interaction between human and machine intelligence, his home shrine installation counteracts the robotic exchanges typical of smart home devices, delivering data in a conversational and ritualistic way.

See the exhibition here in Wallpaper magazine and read Takram’s write up here.

The video is truly special. It is very clever, creative and kind. It was such a highlight to have your animation.

Maria Santillana – Swarovski


Direction, Illustration & Animation
Zing Audio