The Guardian Labs

Christian Aid

‘At Christian Aid, no matter how tough it gets, we stand with a global community of people and organisations to make lasting change possible.’

To coincide with Christian Aid Week, The Guardian Labs commissioned two, 60 second animations and various other deliverables for social media.

Featuring two prominent people from the organisation, the videos were designed to get to the heart of what Christian Aid do and how they help communities all over the world.

Using Christian Aid’s striking colours and visual identity, we created a look and feel oozing charm and personality. The abstract and geometric aesthetic allowed us to be sensitive around issues such as representation,  location and the way Christian Aid works within communities.

We love them! They’re perfect. Thanks so much for your work on these, and for your patience with us and our tweaks. You’re fantastic animators and can’t wait to share these.

Christian Aid


Direction, Illustration & Animation
Zing Audio