O2 & The Guardian Labs

In Your Pocket

Technology can be frustrating for people with a visual impairment, but O2 teamed up with RNIB to create a voice-activated phone – providing users with another pair of “eyes” they can carry in their pockets.

Part of a wider series from The Guardian Labs exploring technology created by O2, this video follows Roger as he reveals how the Pocket phone and the apps available on it (such as Be My Eyes) have finally enabled him to access the same services and experiences as everybody else.

Pocket makes it easy to stay in touch with loved ones by phone or text, to listen to the latest news or relax with various entertainment collections. It also features a range of handy assistance tools to help with staying independent.

There’s no need to worry about learning complicated touch screens or struggle with reading small buttons; just tap the screen and talk. It’s that simple!

It looks beautiful, the ending nearly made me cry! Thank you for all your hard work I think it looks fantastic!

Beatrice McHugh – The Guardian


Direction, Illustration & Animation
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