Google Chrome

43% of employees have been the target of a work-related phishing attack on their personal device.

The way work is done today is almost unrecognizable to before the pandemic. In just a few short years, workers went from working mostly on-premises, to almost exclusively in the cloud, with 57% reporting they use multiple devices to get work done.

This new complexity is not only changing security operations inside businesses, it’s altering the architecture of the web itself.

As more employees use their personal devices to access company tools, security teams are increasingly losing a critical overview of their attack surface. These unmanaged devices tend to fly under the radar of IT security staff, yet they often provide attackers with an entry point.

To illustrate the potential cyber impacts of this burgeoning of unmanaged devices, Bloomberg commissioned Mute to create three short videos explaining how Google Chrome’s Enterprise controls and policy enforcement help protect businesses and employees from breaches.

This was such an incredible project to create. Everything from the look and feel, animation style and audio were a joy to work with.

Appreciate the hard work and creativity on this one. Really proud of what we created!…Especially the colors, transitions, and design language/world you all helped to build. (They’ve been) shared with the global creative team who also enjoyed it, especially the cat 🐱



Direction & Animation
Thiago Biazzoto
Fernão Spadotto
Zing Audio